A collection of humorous and bittersweet short stories

Potomac County may not be on the way to anywhere, but its residents have stories to share: three and a half lawmen, a very large hog, a precocious six-year-old and his heretic brother, an overzealous ex-air raid warden, a debutante with a fake Southern accent, at least one slightly crazed preacher, an old man and his terrier, and many more.
Finally, you’re at Someplace Else, a beachside bar unlike any other.
Kick up your feet and stay awhile.

Read an excerpt from “Only Silence”

Read an excerpt from “High Sheriff of Potomac County”

Listen to a song inspired by “Someplace Else”

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2 thoughts on “Stories from Potomac County: Truths, Half-Truths, and Lies from Rural Virginia and Someplace Else

    Hi Chuck,
    What a delightful book! I laughed, I cried, I empathised. I enjoyed it immensely. Warmth being the one that has stayed in my thoughts the most. Not only does it confirm that we all depend on our canine friends more than we realise, it was a touching insight to what so many of us are or will inevitably go through. It was both heart breaking and heart warming.
    I would also like to go on record here as announcing that my next feline (and there will be yet another I’m sure) will be named General Jackson. Not in memory of the confederate general but of a rather lovely albeit slightly tipsy pig! I wonder what ever became of him??!
    One question Chuck, will there be a Part two of Someplace else? I think this story has more to give and I would love to know what happens to Joanna on her return. More please!!
    It was a pleasure to read Chuck and I thank you for bringing this little ray of sunshine into my life.
    Love to all,
    Emma ( the English one!)


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