Bucket List

Just as young ambitious people should keep resumes and CVs up to date, retired people need to stay on top of their bucket lists. Things we want to do before we kick the bucket.

If I hang around long, there will probably be more bucket lists. The larger question is will I get the items checked off?

I obey a law of physics that states, “a body at rest tends to remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force.” So, barring much from that outside force, I may not check off many of my listed items.

However, here’s the very narrow beginning of my current list (note please, these goals all involve travel. The availability of good dark beer figures strongly in the destinations):

  • Go back to the UK for an extended holiday. Great beers, friendly people, and good public transportation.
  • A couple more trips to Canada: Very like the U.S. and yet so different.
    • The Quebecois were gracious about our lack of their language.
    • Ontario was beautiful and Toronto is so alive that just going around the city is an adventure.
    • I want to revisit Nova Scotia: Annapolis Royal, Glasgow, Truro, and Prince Edward Island.
  • Travel with the dogs anyplace within the U.S. Fergus the terrier and Lacey the Border Collie travel well and love visiting new-to-them places. So, assume any destination in America will include the furry, four-footed kids.
  • Renew our acquaintance with the Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge and Massanutten mountains.
  • Revisit Rappahannock County; it inspired many of my short stories and given its character and characters might even have more to say to my writing.
  • Spend more time with old and new friends. At my age, there is the certainty that too long between get togethers could mean no second chance.

The longer we cavort in this tree, the more fragile the twigs that support us. It’s easy to fall off. I don’t want to leave saying, “I shudda…”


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