Might Be in Cuba, Now

Ethan Fitzgerald, one of the supporting players in Someplace Else, explained how and why he wound up at Atlantic Beach. He’d wanted to live in a place where he could fish every day:

“I packed — — a cooler of sandwiches and beer. Drove east until I hit ocean at Hampton, Virginia, turned right and drove south until I ran out of sandwiches. If I’d had a bigger cooler, I might be in Cuba, now.”

At the time of our story, Ethan is 48 years old and he fits in well with the regulars at Someplace Else. Atlantic Beach was where he ran out of sandwiches.

But Joanna seems a bit of an outlier from the other residents of Atlantic Beach. Yet she didn’t just stumble upon the place; she headed there on purpose. Perhaps it was the memory of going to the beach once before with her late father. Maybe it was because Atlantic Beach is all the way across the state from where she started. It seems like a good place to be anonymous and start again, seven hours and most of the state east of where she’s been for her entire 19 years.

Eventually, Joanna discovers Atlantic Beach is more than just a place to hide, but only after going back to Yanceyville and to what she ran away from in the first place. When she heads east for the second time, she not only has a destination, she has a reason for going. Now, she is driving the mousemobile and staying off the fast roads, going somewhere and not just leaving the place she has been. Joanna is coming home to Someplace Else.


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