Locations, Real and Imagined

Very few geographic details in Stories from Potomac County are real. Because Potomac County is fictional, all the towns and villages within must also be fictional. These are not places you can find on a map.  

The final story, “Someplace Else,” is set in real locations: Yanceyville and Atlantic Beach, both fine little North Carolina towns. You might want to drag out that old atlas and take a look or even stop for a visit.

Yanceyville is a real place, an attractive little southern town that is the county seat of Caswell County. The original courthouse has been restored and is still in use for some county offices. There is a square fronting the restored courthouse. Should you be fortunate enough to find parking space on the square, notice it is angled parking as most southern towns used have.

In addition to the restored courthouse, Yanceyville has more than 20 historic buildings, many of them built before the U.S. Civil War. One of them houses the history museum.

While visiting Yanceyville, don’t look for the One Stop or Skerry’s Funeral Home. Along with Eileen Blank’s law offices and Georgie’s house, those places are fictional.



Atlantic Beach, as the name states, is a North Carolina beach town located on the Atlantic Ocean. Connected by a causeway to Morehead City, N.C., the beach faces south. At the east end of A.B. is Fort Macon State Park. At one time this fort was part of U.S. coastal defenses with fortifications located from Maine to Florida.  

Surfing is popular at Atlantic Beach; businesses sell the gear and instruction is offered at some locations.

S iley’s nightclub and Noonan’s Seafood Restaurant are products only of my imagined Atlantic Beach. However, there once was a Someplace Else. It was a real beachside bar that is unfortunately no longer there. Look carefully and you’ll see evidence of a beachside park, which was between public parking and Someplace Else.




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